The Top Five Best Ecommerce Platforms

Electronic commerce, commonly known as e-commerce, is an industry, which refers to the buying and selling of goods or services using the internet. The transfer of money and data to execute the transactions is a crucial aspect of eCommerce.

Electronic commerce is mostly used to sell physical products online by explaining any commercial transaction facilitated through the internet. The evolution of e-commerce has made it easier to discover and purchase from online retailers and marketplaces. It has become beneficial for the Independent freelancers, small businesses, and large corporations as well. The e-commerce platform enables them to sell their goods and services at a larger scale, and it was not possible with traditional offline retail.

Moving ahead, there is a vast variety of different e-commerce platforms which can enable your business to set up an online store that suits your needs. It could be problematic to choose between other platforms to build an online store. This article provides you with the particular features of the top five best e-commerce platforms for your easement. Let us make a start knowing the marketing features to drool-worthy multi-channel functionality, and more.

Shopify –

If most of your orders come from Facebook ads or Instagram marketing, Shopify is your best choice. The process of Shopify does not rely on SEO or by creating a large store with a vast range of products. This platform is a bit better in terms of post-purchase 1 click upsells.  Shopify presents the drag and drop interface, making it easier to set up an online store using a Shopify tutorial. Shopify has POS for the brick and mortar stores where the payments would be made via the mobile app. It only comprises ten free themes at the moment. The platform has lighting fast loading time and gives an advantage of certified partners to help your business.

BigCommerce –

BigCommerce is an ideal platform for larger retail brands due to its robust product search engine. The eCommerce platform is an excellent choice for the new budding eCommerce store or someone having a brick and mortar store and looking to expand their services, including online orders. The platform’s interface allows customizing the templates to design the store and sell + promote the products quickly. It is an impeccable match for both the tech-savvy people and those who have no idea about web development skills.

WixeCommerce –

This platform has evolved itself in a few years. Wix has become this major force in the e-commerce industry by delivering fantastic value for solopreneurs and small business owners. The features of this platform have evolved immensely. The electronic platform now offers multi-channel integration, abandoned cart recovery, dropship and print on demand capabilities. An individual can easily drag and drop elements to add cool videos, functionality and create the website they want. Along with that, they have 500 themes, of which 72 are free.

3dcart (Now Shift4 Shop)

The platform got public in 2001 and has served over 22,000 online businesses with the clientele including PCMag. 3dcart has some practical features such as unlimited storage and no transaction fees. An individual can utilize their POS and the support for multi-channel selling. This platform is not at all for beginners due to which it doesn’t do as well as BigCommerce and Shopify. They have more industrial templates. The strong point 3dcart have in shipping. They make it easier for the business owner by providing advanced shipping solutions with no API required.

WooCommerce –

The electronic platform is known to be the best single platform to run e-commerce and affiliate site under one roof. WooCommerce works with WordPress to turn any website into a functioning e-commerce store. There is an availability of extensions for integrating payment gateways, social media, email marketing, 1-click selling and shipping. It is free of cost and has prices attached to a few extensions. If a business owner is familiar with the WordPress platform, working with WooCommerce is a breeze for you and your business.

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