How to use your SEO skills to create an online business

SEO professionals have always been in high demand. However, they always have to deal with unreal expectations and questions coming from the clients. SEO can take quite some time and not many clients have the patience to wait that long. As a result, the job of an SEO professional can get quite stressful. 

If you are good at SEO and you do not have your own online businesses, you are leaving money on the table. Your own business will mean that you will be able to get some passive income even when you do not have enough clients. You will also be able to hire and use your own team instead of doing everything yourself. Following are some ways to use your SEO knowledge to create an online business.

Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing has worked for many and it can work for you. You can earn good commission simply by sending potential customers to a business. And it’s a business model made for SEO professionals because the affiliate model doesn’t work that well with paid traffic. You need free, organic traffic in case you want to be profitable because the profit margins are small. All you need is to choose a niche with relatively low competition. Also choose the affiliate platform carefully. Amazon is the biggest platform out there but there are others like ClickBank or Commission Junction.

Sell leads to Local Businesses: 

So far, you must have found yourself running after the businesses and trying to convince them to use your SEO services. Do you know the biggest reason they are so reluctant to hire someone like you? What if you can get these businesses to come to you? It’s actually easier than you thought. You can do so by creating local websites for specific services, generating leads, and then selling these leads to real businesses. If you think generating results from SEO will take time, try the Google Ads method. There are training programs that teach how to do this. You can find the unbiased reviews for all those programs at this website).

Start a blog:

If you do not want to start something very time consuming, you can consider launching a simple blog or two. The best thing about blogging is that you can do it when you feel like it. A blog will gradually start to get some organic visitors. And once you start to get the traffic, you can earn from your blog in many different ways. For example, selling banner ads, selling sponsored posts, and so on.

Start a Course:

As more and more businesses turn towards the Internet, the demand for Search engine optimization specialists will only grow in the coming days. However, there aren’t many college degrees that teach this skill. This means, people who want to learn anything about SEO or online marketing have to find some online course or training program. 

If you have been doing SEO for some years, you can start a course and sell it on Udemy. Even better, you can create a training program or online academy and sell memberships. This can turn into a lucrative business model as your community of students grows. 

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