How to do SEO for Electronic Amazon website

Do you know Amazon accounts have 43 percent of all online sales? In the current scenario, Amazon is one of the largest and fastest-growing retailers online, where many businesses sell their products. If you want to boost sales and reach more customers, Amazon search engine optimization plays a vital role in helping you stand out in the crowd. Do you know “Amazon is selling more than 12 million items and an e-commerce platform, and it has its algorithm”?


Amazon SEO->optimizing product listings->Better ranking-> Improve visibility-> More Sales

How does Amazon SEO work?

Before discussing Amazon SEO, It is crucial to know how Amazon ranks products. When people search for a particular product, they only find your products if their search queries match your keywords. The competition is tough because so many businesses offer the same products on Amazon.

 If you focus on Amazon’s A9 algorithm, it will help you display your products first in search engine results. Keyword selection is not enough to get a higher rank; you need to offer products that consumers want to buy often. Do you know Amazon cares about their buyers? They display the specific products to buyers that easily fit their queries.

What should you avoid with Amazon SEO?

Black hat tactics may spoil your business products’ image, so it is highly recommended to apply ethical strategies to improve your keywords ranking. Keywords stuffing, buying links, spam, leaving negative reviews on competitor pages are the black hat SEO tactics that might get a short-term boost in rankings, but it won’t work for a long time.

SEO strategy for improving ranking for Amazon website

1. Keywords are winning strategy to rank on Amazon at all

It may not appear your keywords in search results if your product does not contain all search query keywords. Amazon focuses on filtering out all products that are not relevant to the customer search query.

How to optimize keywords on Amazon?

If you want to reduce the high bounce rate and enhance the user experience, it is suggested to avoid overusing keywords.

Product Title

It is vital to use keywords in the product title. Let’s understand it through an instance. If you sell a laptop, make sure “laptop” is the title.

Best tips to optimize your product title

(a) Add item’s brand name

(b) Describe of item

(c) The product color and size

2. Product performance decides how high your product rank on Amazon

Better CTR, CR, especially sales are leading factors to measure the product’s performance. Optimizing your product title, images, copy, review management, and Amazon PPC, you can increase your CTR, CR, and sales.

3. Create optimal content for your Amazon listing

It would be best to create and enhance quality content for your products. We know that Amazon works as a regular search engine, so optimizing your content improves the CTR in search results and increases CR on the product page.

4. Technical requirement for successful Amazon product images

1. Minimum technical requirements are:

(a).JPEG is a preferred format, and TIFF, PNG, GIF are the other formats for Amazon images.

(b). RGB (color model)

(c). 72 DPI resolution

(d). Minimum 1000 pixels on the longest side

2.  Product Image should be enable zoom

Your product image should have a sufficiently high resolution to enable a zoom function to increase your conversion rate.

3. The Main Amazon Image

In the main image search results, we see that image quality directly affects CTR. Product image makes the customer more attractive, making it easier to identify the product.

4. Manage your reviews

We know that reviews play a vital role in any businesses’ success. Customers buy a product based on product reviews. It becomes crucial to manage product reviews to improve your Amazon SEO campaign. It is an opportunity for you to improve your product quality through the honest product reviews. Managing your reviews means you need to take the time to respond to negative reviews.

5. Product stock availability

You need to make sure that your product never runs “out of stock”; otherwise you may lose a considerable amount of ranking. If you want to prevent this issue, you can set a reminder to notify you whenever your product inventory reaches a particular level.

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