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500 Interesting Presentation Topics for School & College Students

A PowerPoint presentation is the most effective way to communicate an idea to an audience in a visually engaging manner. Whether at school or college, if you want your audience talking about you after the presentation, you need some interesting presentation topics. If you are going to cover some good topics for ppt presentation, make sure that your PowerPoint topics ideas are well-researched, accurate, to the point and up-to-date.

Here we compile a list of topics for PowerPoint presentation in colleges or schools.

Interesting Presentation Speech Topics

  1. Agriculture Presentation Topics
  2. Art Presentation Topics
  3. Architecture Presentation Topics
  4. Business Presentation Topics
  5. Criminal Justice Presentation Topics
  6. Environment Presentation Topics
  7. History Presentation Topics
  8. Lifestyle Presentation Topics
  9. Literature Presentation Topics
  10. Psychology Presentation Topics
  11. Science Presentation Topics
  12. Sports Presentation Topics
  13. Technology Presentation Topics
  14. Digital Marketing Presentation Topics

Agriculture Presentation Topics

We can without any doubt say that agriculture has played the most significant role in early human settlements. Before the soil made the way for the first human planted seed, we were hunters and gatherers. When there were no animals to hunt and no food left to gather, time to move on. We were living the life of a nomad.

The journey of humankind began to change for good when 12,000 years ago we started growing our own food. This led to the early human settlements. So, agriculture is a good topic to cover when you are preparing for a presentation. From the beginning of farming to the possible future, from traditional farming to the tools and techniques being utilized by modern farmers, if you are able to collect some well-researched and up-to-date content; you can really impress the audience with your presentation.

  1. History of agriculture
  2. The rise of genetically modified crops
  3. Why Soil fertility is declining?
  4. The problem of overusing fertilizers, pesticides and weedicides
  5. Future with hydroponics and aquaponics
  6. Effects of climate change on agriculture
  7. When IT meets agriculture
  8. Applications of Biosensors in Agriculture
  9. What is green manure?
  10. Benefits of organic farming
  11. Agriculture engineering as a career
  12. Land improvement methods
  13. What is permaculture?
  14. Wind energy powered water pumping system
  15. The problem of land degradation
  16. Agrominerals for agriculture productivity
  17. Important Farm equipment
  18. What is Agrology?
  19. What is Agrophysics?
  20. What is Organic gardening?
  21. Agroecosystem analysis
  22. Benefits of Multicropping
  23. What is Integrated farming
  24. Mushroom growing
  25. Benefits of Vermicomposting
  26. What is Apiculture?
  27. What is Agritourism?
  28. Industries based on agriculture
  29. Organic farming v/s chemical farming
  30. Women’s role in agriculture
  31. Rising fuel prices and farm income hitting low
  32. Effects of government policies on agriculture
  33. Rising price of farm machinery and farm income hitting low
  34. Water overuse and misuse in agriculture
  35. Greenhouse farming subsidy
  36. Food waste on the farms
  37. Animal husbandry issues
  38. Role of dairy industry in the rural development
  39. Benefits of Farm surveying
  40. Homemade organic fertilizers
  41. Why Young generation is not interested in agriculture
  42. Groundwater depletion and agriculture
  43. Why is monocropping a bad agriculture practice?
  44. Agriculture water management
  45. Different irrigation methods
  46. Drone spraying is real and it is happening
  47. Potential for artificial intelligence in agriculture
  48. Drone imaginary in agriculture
  49. How soil testing helps in increasing productivity?
  50. Stabilizing nitrogen in the soil

Art Presentation Topics

From antiquity to the modern times, humankind has used art as a medium to express thoughts and even as a mean of communication. Prehistoric paintings have been discovered almost in every part of the world. Though it is a guesswork, possibly these paintings might have been used as a mean of communication. Art is not all about creativity. There are some emotions and thoughts associated with an art.

Creation of every piece serves some purpose. Music, literature, painting, dance and there are many other forms of art. If you are looking for some ideas for art presentation, you are not going to run out of art presentation topics. Here are some topics for you.

  1. What is watercolor painting?
  2. What is oil painting?
  3. What was the purpose of prehistoric wall paintings?
  4. History of protest art
  5. John Heartfield’s Adolf the Superman
  6. Trump and protest art
  7. What do you know about Picasso’s masterpiece Guernica?
  8. What makes Mona Lisa so famous?
  9. What is sand painting?
  10. What are some misconceptions about oil paintings?
  11. The art of graffiti
  12. The most popular 3D street art paintings
  13. What do you know about Kurt Wenner?
  14. How to find inspiration for an art?
  15. Art and religion
  16. The weirdest museum you visited
  17. How to create a large mural?
  18. The art of digital photography
  19. How has art changed over the past decade?
  20. First World War recruitment posters
  21. Steps for creating art
  22. Greatest painters of all time
  23. Orientalism in art
  24. What is impressionism?
  25. Organizing an art class workshop
  26. How to organize an art exhibition
  27. Infamous acts of art vandalism
  28. Popular artwork that is lost or vandalized?
  29. Stolen artwork that was recovered
  30. What to consider while choosing a certain style of art?

Architecture Presentation Topics

A great architect always has some amazing futurist fantasias to bring to real design. Imagine the world without manmade wonders. It will not be as beautiful as the world we see. Identified as the very first architect, Imhotep lived around 2600 BCE. Architects have been there building a livable world and wonders since the ancient times. Architects do a lot more than their misunderstood role. They do not build mega structures only. The responsibility of overseeing projects and public safety also fall on the shoulders of architects. So, there is no scarcity of topics for architecture presentation.

  1. Ancient architecture
  2. Modern architecture
  3. Advance building material and technologies
  4. Architecture conservation
  5. Architectural theory
  6. Brunelleschi Florence dome
  7. Construction project and management
  8. Barrier-free architecture
  9. Computer applications in architecture
  10. Biodegradable structures
  11. The concept of long span structures
  12. Digital architecture
  13. Ecological aspect of landscape and design
  14. Effects of disaster on architecture
  15. Evolution of the concept of architecture
  16. Emerging trends in architecture
  17. Environmental impact assessment
  18. Urban planning and housing
  19. Transparent architecture designs
  20. Vernacular architecture
  21. Urban design
  22. Top architects and architectures in the world
  23. Sky scrappers
  24. Solar passive architecture
  25. Regional landscape planning
  26. Rural planning
  27. Green building technology
  28. Interior design
  29. Intelligent building
  30. Floating luxury hotels

Business Presentation Topics

Preparing for a business presentation can be overwhelming as not only the content of the presentation but your presentation skills are also scrutinized by the audience. The impact of your presentation skills depends on the way you deliver the presentation. We can help you out in choosing some of the best business presentation topics and ideas. It is the idea of the presentation that gains and retains the attention of the audience. So, we have compiled a list consisting of general business presentation topics. These business presentation topics are ideal for small and large audiences.

  1. Accounting performance evaluation
  2. A balance of payment position
  3. Vertical specialization
  4. Debate on offshoring
  5. Economic effects of RIAs
  6. Factors affecting international investment
  7. GATT and global liberalization
  8. Role of technology in globalization
  9. Impact of internet on global business
  10. Knowledge flows within MNCs
  11. Leontif Paradox
  12. Issues with microeconomics
  13. Nationalism and business policies
  14. Operational legal concerns
  15. Performance appraisal
  16. Recent trade wars
  17. Salient features of UR agreement
  18. Trade balance and deficits
  19. World Bank
  20. The future of global marketing
  21. Strategic alliances
  22. Basic issues in franchising
  23. Changing patterns of international production
  24. Determination of exchange rates
  25. Cross-cultural training
  26. Cross-border mergers
  27. Cross-border acquisitions
  28. Economies of scale
  29. Export credit risk insurance
  30. International product life cycle

Criminal Justice Presentation Topics

Criminal justice means justice to those who are involved in some crime. The goal of criminal justice is to catch law-breakers and inflict punishment. The criminal justice system also plays a significant role in crime prevention by rehabilitating offenders. Police, defense lawyers, prosecution, prisons and courts are the primary institutions of this system. The criminal justice system enforces laws through these institutions. The system makes sure that the society remains in order. Criminal justice presentation is ideal to address the audience with any level of intellect. Whether you are a school student or college student, you can deliver an impressive criminal justice presentation.

  1. What is Criminology?
  2. Age and crime
  3. Classical criminology
  4. Crimes on college campuses
  5. Capital punishment
  6. Correlates of crime
  7. Criminology and public policy
  8. Aggression and crime
  9. Convict Criminology
  10. Crime mapping
  11. Child abuse
  12. Crime prevention
  13. Youth Gangs
  14. Crime research
  15. History of Criminology
  16. Education and crime
  17. Critical Criminology
  18. Race and crime
  19. Peers and crime
  20. Immigration and crime
  21. Crime reports and statistics
  22. Fieldwork in criminology
  23. What is Identity theft?
  24. Criminal Justice Ethics
  25. What is white collar crime?
  26. Recent examples of serious racial profiling
  27. Public health and criminal justice
  28. What is offender reentry?
  29. What is forensic science?
  30. The success of drug control

Environment Presentation Topics

Our health greatly depends on the water we drink, the food we eat and the quality of oxygen we inhale. The environment we are living in has serious impacts on our health. The life expectancy of people living in pollution free countries is more than that of people living in polluted countries. Breathing problems and many other illnesses are pretty common in countries with the highest level of pollution. So, you can really cover a wide range of topics in your presentation. Prepare a well-researched presentation that educates and encourages the audience to take care of our precious environment. Here are some topics for you:

  1. What is global warming?
  2. Ozone layer depletion
  3. Visible effects of acid rain
  4. Air pollution and breathing diseases
  5. Facts about noise pollution
  6. Water pollution and water-borne diseases
  7. Where do they dump nuclear waste?
  8. Causes of agriculture pollution
  9. Air duct cleaning
  10. Air emission regulations
  11. Worst forest fires in the history
  12. Air toxic assessment
  13. Environment and asthma
  14. The impacts of beach pollution
  15. Coal ash and breathing diseases
  16. Drinking water and ground water
  17. History of earth day
  18. History of environment day
  19. What is energy star rating?
  20. Greener living and programs
  21. Hazardous air pollutants
  22. What are the Hurricanes?
  23. Improving and maintaining indoor air quality
  24. Land and waste management research
  25. Mercury waste management and recycling
  26. Benefits of the National water program
  27. What is Nutrient Pollution?
  28. What is Ocean dumping act?
  29. Ozone pollution and health
  30. Nitrogen dioxide air pollution

History Presentation Topics

Reading history means understanding what we have gone through and how our society has evolved. We learn about our past. We learn about the mistakes we have made in past and we look at the consequences of those mistakes. Lessons from the past can completely change the present and future of the current generation. Students by reading history learn about the origin of their cultures. Not only this, they can also learn about other cultures and this can bridge gaps between different cultures. Learning history can also improve your critical thinking skills. Here are some history presentation topics for you.

  1. The history of crusades
  2. Some facts about World War 1
  3. Some facts about World War 2
  4. Holocaust and World War 2
  5. American Revolution
  6. French Revolution
  7. Franco-Spanish war
  8. American civil war
  9. Cold War
  10. Siege of Jerusalem
  11. Vietnam War
  12. Iraq war
  13. Gulf war
  14. Cuban Missile Crisis
  15. Earliest records of slavery
  16. Civil rights movement
  17. Colonial America
  18. The cruel history of colonialism
  19. Watergate scandal
  20. Leonardo Da Vinci
  21. Medieval world wonders
  22. Ancient world wonders
  23. The significance of Boston tea party
  24. Child labor during the industrial revolution
  25. Objectives of the Manhattan Project
  26. The world after Hiroshima/Nagasaki Bombing
  27. Who started a civil war?
  28. Founding fathers of the US
  29. History of democracy
  30. Athenian democracy

Lifestyle Presentation Topics

Smoking cigarettes, fast food, drinking alcohol and no physical activities, these are signs of a really bad lifestyle. Sadly, this is our lifestyle. It is the unhealthy lifestyle. It takes some serious toll on our health. We intentionally make these bad choices. We all desire a happy and healthy lifestyle and this is possible only when we stop making bad lifestyle choices. All it takes is giving up bad habits, eating healthy foods and being physically active. Hitting a gym and working with a personal trainer is really helpful. Here is a good number of lifestyle presentation topics for leaving an impression.

  1. What is a bad lifestyle?
  2. What is a good lifestyle?
  3. Sleeping poorly
  4. Lifestyle leading to obesity
  5. Fashion and lifestyle
  6. Improving your personality
  7. Harmful effects of smoking
  8. Harmful effects of drinking alcohol
  9. The problem of substance abuse
  10. What is a healthy lifestyle?
  11. What is Body Mass Index?
  12. Exercise and lifestyle diseases
  13. Effects of sedentary lifestyle
  14. Dressing well for an occasion
  15. Lifestyle factors and lower memory
  16. Lifestyle and brain healthy
  17. Tips for stress management
  18. Exercise at your desk
  19. Stability ball chair
  20. When video gaming is too much
  21. Food and healthy lifestyle
  22. Workout and healthy lifestyle
  23. Replacing saturated with unsaturated fat
  24. Drinking plenty of fluids
  25. What is healthy body weight?
  26. Embracing the cycling lifestyle
  27. Working with personal trainers
  28. Lifestyle tips
  29. Latest lifestyle fashion trends
  30. Cities with the best lifestyle

Literature Presentation Topics

Your search for literature presentation topics will end up with a decent number of ideas. The thing you have to do is narrowing down your search and research. There are 200+ countries in this world and almost all countries have their own languages and literature. Every country has produced several globally recognized authors.

The selection of ideal literature presentation topics depends on whether it is a school presentation or a college presentation. You can go for some general topics. However, here we are taking the liberty of assuming that you are going to deliver an English literature presentation.

  1. Religion and literature
  2. The American dream in literature
  3. Trickster characters in literature
  4. The work of Hemingway
  5. Romance and sex in literature
  6. Mythology as literature
  7. Psychology and literature
  8. Modern literature
  9. Madness in literature
  10. The popularity of Harry Potter
  11. Literature and propaganda
  12. Death as a character in literature
  13. Irony and sarcasm in literature
  14. Literature for children
  15. Byronic characters in literature
  16. Shall literature be gendered
  17. Clichés in literature
  18. Utopian and dystopian literature
  19. Good and evil in literature
  20. Victorian literature
  21. Feminist literature
  22. Popular literature fiction book
  23. Best authors of all the times
  24. Apocalypse in literature
  25. Black humor
  26. Archetypes in literature
  27. Gender role in literature
  28. Greatest female authors
  29. Politics in literature
  30. Race in literature

Psychology Presentation Topics

Looking for some great psychology presentation topics? Many times coming up with a great psychology presentation idea is a lot difficult than doing the research work. Many times it is more challenging than delivering an actual presentation. However, there is no scarcity of inspiration to come up with a solid presentation idea. Psychology, it is a very broad topic. Any topic you are going to cover is most probably overwhelmed with information.

You can prepare a presentation on some general psychology topics and your idea can be more specific. So, here is your big list of psychology presentation topics:

  1. Social cognition in psychology
  2. Prejudice and discrimination
  3. Person perception – forming an impression of others
  4. The social psychology of leadership
  5. Attitude and behavior in psychology
  6. Borderline personality disorder
  7. How to overcome a phobia?
  8. Attraction, romance, and love
  9. What is Prosocial behavior
  10. Nonverbal communication
  11. Social control and cults
  12. Persuasion, propaganda, and marketing
  13. Psychology of depression
  14. Seasonal affective disorder
  15. Dealing with eating disorders
  16. Antisocial personality disorder
  17. What is schizophrenia?
  18. Psychoanalytic therapy
  19. Cognitive behavior therapy
  20. Benefits of group therapy
  21. False memories
  22. Psychological effects of speech disorders
  23. Psychology of perception
  24. What is selective attention?
  25. Recovering from child abuse
  26. Learning disabilities
  27. Bullying and harassment
  28. Parenting styles
  29. Gender Roles
  30. Most common psychological disorders

Science Presentation Topics

Science is an interesting subject having numerous branches and sub-branches. Doing science research is the real fun. When you are reading about one science presentation topic, you come across some other very interesting and very informative topic. When it comes to doing the research work and collecting information, there are numerous reliable resources of information at your disposal. Many online reputable journals regularly publish informative articles related to the latest research work going on in the field of science. However, when you are opting for some topic, make sure that your audience is not fully aware of the topic. People love learning about new concepts.

  1. Environmental research
  2. Nutrition and diet research
  3. Robotics and computer science
  4. Applications of Nanotechnology
  5. Applications of Biotechnology
  6. Applications of Nanobiotechnology
  7. Space research
  8. Mangalyan – World’s cheapest Mars Mission
  9. Infectious diseases research
  10. Nanoparticles
  11. Applications of nanoparticles in medicine and biology
  12. What is molecular biology?
  13. Animal world
  14. Latest developments in cancer research
  15. Origin of Ebola virus
  16. Genetically Modified Crops
  17. Microbial factories
  18. Is behavioral epigenetics true?
  19. Common genetic abnormalities
  20. Stem cell treatment
  21. Will genetics research help in living longer and healthier?
  22. What is the age of the universe?
  23. Did big bang real happened
  24. What is dark matter?
  25. The problem of space junk
  26. Commercial space flights
  27. Biocomputing and big data in chemical research
  28. Formation of clouds
  29. Recycling metal
  30. Reducing CO2 emissions with nanomaterials

Sports Presentation Topics

From great athletes to those talented players who could not make it big, from fitness to injuries, from the rise of a sportsperson or team to the fall, from the best examples of sportsmanship to the biggest controversies, there is no shortage of ideas for impressive and interesting sports presentation. Prepare your presentation according to the type of audience. The general audience is interested in the success stories, controversies, history and other similar topics. A presentation about fitness, injuries, tips and tricks and sports rules and regulations is really helpful for sportspersons. Here are some great topics for your sports presentation.

  1. Serena Williams breakdown
  2. Sexism in tennis and other sports
  3. Popular water sports events
  4. Safety is skating
  5. Is Martial Arts a sport
  6. Transgenders in Olympics
  7. Doping test in sports
  8. Some myths about Jesse Owens
  9. 1936 summer Olympics, Germany
  10. A career of Michael Phelps
  11. Indian domination in Olympic hockey
  12. Pele – The Brazilian legend
  13. FIFA World Cup 2010 controversies
  14. Should sports Gambling legalized?
  15. How match-fixing kills the sport?
  16. Racism in sports
  17. Cheerleading
  18. Encouraging sports in schools and colleges
  19. College sports
  20. Benefits of sports scholarships
  21. Different types of sports injuries
  22. Role of fitness in injury prevention
  23. Injuries that ended careers
  24. Misconduct in sports
  25. Germany humiliate Brazil 7-0
  26. Biggest defeat in Football
  27. Ancient Olympics Games
  28. History of modern Olympics Games
  29. Canceled and reintroduced Olympic Sports
  30. Greatest sports cheaters

Technology Presentation Topics

Developments in technology have been the biggest game changer for the betterment and development of human, animals, trees and for the entire earth. You can get almost any kind of information within a few seconds. Your fingertips with a small device called smartphone can open a whole big world of information. Your voice is travelling miles and miles within a few seconds. You can now fly at an average speed of 930 kmph. Humankind has set feet on the moon and now Mars is the next destination. Thanks to the technology. Here is a list of technology presentation topics for you.

  1. Artificial technology in medicine
  2. What is Internet of Things?
  3. What is block in blockchain technology
  4. How does Wi-Fi work?
  5. Applications of LiFi
  6. What is machine learning?
  7. What is dark web?
  8. 4G Networks
  9. What is new in 5G Networks?
  10. Blue eye technology
  11. Moving to Cloud computing
  12. What is Edge computing?
  13. What is distributed database?
  14. Endoscope camera in pill
  15. What is embedded system?
  16. What is night vision technology?
  17. What comes after touch screen?
  18. Things that Sophia robot can do
  19. Evolution of Robotics
  20. How does smart note taker work?
  21. Advanced technology for RTL
  22. What is paper battery?
  23. How does a space mouse work?
  24. Optical fiber and optical fiber communication systems
  25. How animatronics works?
  26. What is augmented reality?
  27. Bluetooth based smart sensor network
  28. Cellular digital data package
  29. Brain-computer interface
  30. Telecommunication network

Digital Marketing Presentation Topics

A business starts growing only when people start talking about it. That’s why every company be it small or big has an in-house marketing department. Some companies are relying on third parties for promotion and marketing. However, no business miscalculates the potential of marketing in the growth and success. Advertisers are looking for more creative ways to get into the minds of potential customers, create brand awareness and increase sales. It’s a competitive market. If you are not good at marketing, you can’t sell and you can’t grow. So, here is your list of marketing presentation topics:

  1. The rise of Influential marketing
  2. The power of affiliate marketing
  3. Current challenges in social media marketing
  4. Different digital marketing methods
  5. Why invest in search engine marketing
  6. Benefits of Pay Per click especially for small businesses
  7. What is content marketing?
  8. Biggest advertisement mistakes
  9. Internet as a marketing medium
  10. Brand reputation management
  11. Evolution of search engine optimization
  12. Marketing in today’s economy
  13. Marketing is not all about selling
  14. Word of mouth marketing still works
  15. Media responsibility
  16. Controllable variables of marketing
  17. Commercialization of social issues
  18. Vertical marketing systems
  19. Current marketing trends
  20. Trends in mobile marketing
  21. Customer relationship management
  22. Importance of location based marketing
  23. Facebook marketing after data leak scam
  24. Social media marketing trends
  25. How does viral marketing work?
  26. Role of marketing in modern organization
  27. CSR and product responsibility
  28. Marketing potential of television advertisement
  29. Marketing in today’s economy
  30. Why some marketing campaigns fail?

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