How to Make a Company Profile Presentation

How to Make a Company Profile Presentation

Many people overlook the importance of a prolific company profile. So, why is a corporate profile so critical for any business establishment? Well, let’s look at it like a curriculum vitae.

Just like a résumé that individuals present to potential interviewers, a company profile presents an overview of a business and speaks about the product/service offered by the organization, the achievements of the company and its overall performance. This information about the company is viewed by potential and existing customers, investors, partners, and other stakeholders.

In a B2B scenario, typically in the first meeting, a company profile is shown. It is a communication initiator that sets the perfect first impression. A well-crafted profile is what the customers, government, partners, and investors need from the company in which they are interested. Therefore, a corporate profile is not just some fancy words thrown around, in fact it serves a vital purpose in establishing an organization’s identity.

5 Things to Keep in Mind for Making Company Profile Presentation

With company profile presentation, we can introduce the business to the stakeholders and help set an interaction between the interested parties. So, what sets a company profile presentation apart from its competitors’ presentations? There are a few things that should be kept in mind to craft a winning company profile.

1. Keep It Short and Simple

2. Multi-Lingual, Based on the Demand

3. Use Notes Section Effectively

4. Less Text, More Pictures

5. Add Aesthetic Appeal

1. Keep It Short and Simple: Let’s face the truth! People are neither interested nor have time for lengthy presentations. A company profile is a “short” summary of the establishment. Therefore, keep it that way, using not more than 20 slides. Keeping the presentation simple and to-the-point will serve the purpose without boring the audience. The language used should be comprehensible that doesn’t confuse the viewer.

2. Multi-Lingual, Based on the Demand: People relate more when the speaker speaks their language. If the business is spread over different geographical areas, then the company profile should be in the local language. This will make it easy for the people, government and authorities to understand it. Breaking language and geographical barriers will make the organization more trustworthy and valued. A word of advice: Avoid bot translations like google translate as they are still not perfect in doing it.

3. Use the Notes Section Effectively: We all use different styles of slides. To help viewers understand your slide, it is a good idea to explain the slide in the notes section. Special information such as dos and don’ts, copyright etc. should be highlighted in the notes. This will ensure that people correctly perceive the presentation.

4. Less Text, More Pictures: People comprehend pictures better than the words. Including more visuals in the company profile presentation will make the message crystal clear rather than the crowding the slides with content. Remember that the audience has to process the information while viewing the slides. That’s why too much content overloaded with bullets will confuse the viewers. As far as content is concerned, less is always more.

5. Add Aesthetic Appeal: Presentation is a great visual aid, so make it as aesthetically appealing as possible. Right font size, appropriate colors, professional quality images, simple graphics – all of these factors make presentations attractive. Custom templates work better than the cookie-cutter ones.

Information to be Included

When crafting a company profile presentation, one needs to pay special attention to the content. There is some important information that should be a part of the presentation.

Source: INKPPT

  • Company Overview: Always start the presentation with the basic information about the company such as a name of the company, year of establishment, history, number of employees etc. Include two slides on company overview.
  • Management: Stakeholders would like to know the top management members. Introduce CEO, VPs, HR and Sales Heads and other key players.
  • Team Slide: A team picture and details about the employees will also help establish a familiarity with the organization.
  • Business Sectors: The audience is eager to know more about the different business sectors of the organization.
  • Achievements: This is a good platform to showcase the achievements of the business.
  • Products and Services: One of the most vital components of a company profile presentation is the list of products and/or services offered.
  • Service-Specific Slide: If the business provides services, then including a service-specific slide is a good idea.
  • Solutions: The audience would like to learn about the different solutions in which the business specializes.
  • Sub-Brands: If the company has a sub-brand, mention it in the presentation.
  • Vision, Mission and Values: The mission, vision and values of the company is what helps it stand out. Make sure all these elements are presented.
  • Approach to Work: In case the service requires a brief explanation, then dedicate a slide to approach to work.
  • Financial Numbers: It is an individual choice to disclose financial numbers. However, financial numbers is a direct reflection of the company’s performance.
  • Clients: Naming a few top clients with their logos will make the business look more credible.
  • Customer Testimonials: People greatly rely on reviews. Therefore, include a few good testimonials in the presentation.
  • Case Study: A slide on a case study that features the strengths of the organization will create a sense of trust among the audience.
  • Awards: Awards and recognition add to the reputation of the company and make it more favorable among their peers.
  • PR Coverage: Media coverage raise an organization’s public profile. A slide of the PR piece, if any, can definitely build an awareness about the company.
  • Contact Details: Lastly, always include contact details for the audience to get back to you once the presentation is over.

A company profile presentation is the first step towards the interaction between the business and its stakeholders. It demonstrates professionalism and sets the right tone for the organization. However, ensure that the presentation is beautifully designed and smartly executed.

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