Here’s Why you should not be buying Facebook Likes

Here’s why you should not be buying Facebook Likes

Is it a good option to buy likes on Facebook? It is one question that probably crosses every single user on Facebook every now and then. The answer should be “No” loud and clear, however, there are so many people and pages doing it. The fact is that in order to help your businesses grow and flourish you do need to reach out to as many people as possible. As convincing as it might look buying Facebook likes is not the right thing to do for plenty of reasons that we are going to discuss in detail.

EdgeRank: Edge Rank is a Facebook algorithm and uses to determine what posts should be displayed in a user’s News Feed.  Having thousands of inactive, non-engaged Facebook users will make you look bad to Facebook’s eyes and your posts will reach less people organically.

It is not a lesser known fact that the organic reach on Facebook has been lowered and presently it is just 1 percent, yes that is true and very low. Creating a great impact on social media platforms like Facebook is a dream come true and what better way than having millions of likes.

No matter how tempting it looks or convincing it might sound getting Facebook likes is definitely not the way to go. Social media platforms can many times be engaging and obsessive to levels that are super unhealthy.

In fact, if you search for ‘buy likes for Facebook’ you can find a number of search results that assure superb services in order to get you traffic for likes. But the real question

Is it worth the money?

Is it even reliable?

Should you be buying likes for your Facebook page?

Fake likes are nothing to be proud of or think of it as an accomplishment. When you buy Facebook likes you are either getting it through bots or bad likes. Bot is trained software that is created to run profiles on social media platforms.  You can identify these profiles as they do not have any latest update on their profile they primarily only are made to like pages on social media platforms like Facebook.

Anyone who promises you services to get Facebook like is more likely to have bots that are functioning on other accounts as well. On the other hand, bad likes are not from robots but people for real however from the ones who know nothing about your business and have never engaged on your profile ever.

So here’s why you should not be buying likes on Facebook for good.

#1 Fake Likes Do Not See Your Posts

Platforms like Facebook have fake profiles which are of no use when you want people to look at your posts. These users are only there to like the posts and that’s about it. The chances of these users looking at your profile or posts are almost next to impossible. These users don’t even have followers and if they do those are again fake so which means the chances of shares are not much.

It clearly shows that there is no scope of organic results for the posts and that is why the results are very low. This also means that you won’t be able to generate anything good for your brand through fake likes.

#2 Leaves A Bad Reputation Among Real Fans/Followers

Fake likes are pretty easy to identify. As soon as a person reaches on your page they can find out that despite having followers there is minimum engagement on the page. It can be easily identified and creates a very bad reputation for the brand. Clearly, nothing is worse than people thinking you need to buy likes for promotions. Good brands do not buy likes and neither do they buy followers. Instead, they work hard to create a good reputation for their brand and create engaging posts. As a result, people engage, share and like their posts. Buying likes create a terrible reputation for brands which is very difficult to retain in the future.
If not that bad people might assume that since there are no engagements on the page it is not good enough to follow or check out and may never come back, that’s pretty bad as well.

#3 They Are Too Costly To Rely On

The idea of advertisements on Facebook is to create engagement for the followers. However, when it comes to fake likes the demographics don’t matter. The likes may come from anywhere across the world and most of them might not even interest people. The people who like your posts are least interested in the content they are only there to like your posts and that’s about it. This makes it difficult to target people who really matter the most for your business. When you are getting likes from people who are least bothered about your posts it is simply of no use.  This way your money for advertisement will be spent on users who are least interested in your content thereby you will have to indulge more money for marketing and promotions.

#4 Fake Accounts Are More Likable To Be Banned On Facebook

Fake accounts are never endorsed by Facebook and if they find it the account is surely getting banned. As per rules and regulations set up by Facebook, there are no chances of endorsing fake accounts. If Facebook suspects of you to have a fake account your account will be banned on the platform.

Obviously, if your account is banned on an immensely popular platform like Facebook users will definitely find it hard to believe in you for the future as well. Such an image is definitely a nightmare for brands as well as individuals.

#5 Facebook Is More Likely To Remove Fake Likes

This point is actually in continuation of the above point. When Facebook finds out about the fake accounts it removes the users and in general, all of the fake likes from these fake accounts are removed all along as well.

If your Facebook Page has a lot of fake likes, therefore, these likes will be removed from the posts immediately. Removing of fake like will leave you with only real likes which might leave you with very few likes on your posts.

Moreover just getting likes won’t lead you anywhere on the feed. You need to do much more than that. Your posts must be shared by the followers; they should have comments, engaging people. As soon as Facebook looks at such attributes it can easily find out fake likes.

And as soon as they find out your likes are fake it won’t take long to remove the post from the platform.

#6 Fake Likes Do Not Have Any Engagement for The Users

When most of the likes for Facebook are bought or are fake the content is not going to engage any user. It will not create any impact on the users. In order to create an audience for your page, you need to focus on providing your users with what they want to see and create a community for your brand. You may buy likes but that will only just give you number it won’t benefit your business or brand in any other way.

#7 You Won’t Be Able To Generate Leads and Sales

These days most the businesses use Facebook pages to promote their products or brands. Facebook pages are made to provide customers with constant updates about one’s business. It is easy to say that Facebook has become a platform to market your brand, get leads and improve sales funnel. You can find almost every established and startup company trying their best to improve their social media presence through Facebook. In fact, it is an amazing platform to create an audience and attract customers and turn them into loyal customers.

However, if you want to improve sales and generate leads using Facebook then buying likes is definitely a big ‘No’. It will only get you likes but will do nothing to generate leads and improve sales for your business. Many people assume that buying likes would improve the sales of their business or at least make people aware of their brand and products. Fake likes are mere likes that have nothing to do with or for your business.

Key Takeaway

The bottom line is that you should never buy Facebook likes. Obviously buying likes might seem like an easy way out especially when you are struggling to create a position on a massive platform like Facebook. However, it is not the right thing to do as it is important to build the brand in a way that is more authentic. Paying for likes is not something that is required as it doesn’t do any good rather than adding some additional cost in your marketing budget. There are other ways that you can use to get likes and stand out from the competition.

Paid likes are not going to do any good for your business instead it can terribly affect your brand reputation on social media platforms. In order, to succeed in a vast platform like Facebook one needs to plan strategically each and every move. You need to have a more flexible approach and post great content which people want to look, read and search about. Try to optimize your posts and reach out to people who really matter and care for your brand.

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Kelby Zorgdrager is the president and founder of DevelopIntelligence. He provides customized DevOps training solutions.

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