Effective Ways To Easily Double Your Traffic from Social Media

Effective Ways To Easily Double Your Traffic

We all are aware of how social media works. The links that you share your social accounts creates awareness of your venture, brand, or you. Engaging in building and increasing linkability of the content is of paramount stature these days. Your traffic status tells you that social media is one of the top traffic sources that generate traffic to your website. Although, a major chunk of its success depends largely on the content effectiveness and the structure of your social media posts.

There are several ways to help you understand the working of social media and how you can strategies to achieve the desired traffic on your website.

To make it clearer, here are some valuable key points:

  • Conversion Keywords

On social media accounts, there is a particular set of keywords that attract more traffic than the others. The more engaging it is; the more clicks it will gain. To increase the visibility and effectiveness of your posts, you need to use these keywords diligently.

We enlist some of the high conversion keywords that are leading on social media.

Facebook: When, Where, Tell Us, Deals, Inspire, Submit, Warns, Discount, and Amuses.
Twitter: Retweet, Social Media, Follow, New blog Post, Social Media, Help, and Check Out.
LinkedIn:  Created, Increased, Improved, Developed, Researched, and Reduced.
Google+:  Share, Increase, Promote, Discover, and Create.

  • Increase Reach with Hashtags

Add hashtags and help your content (website) travel to the masses. There is a reason that things go viral. Don’t be confined to Facebook only and opt for other social media platforms as well such as Tumblr, Twitter, Quora, Instagram, Myspace, and LinkedIn. You can take the next step by adding a Youtube Channel and upload videos talking about the things that you offer.

People use different use number of different hashtags on their social media accounts. Hashtags play a major role in expanding the reach of your updates and posts. With the hashtags, it becomes easier for your immediate followers to create discussion boards, charts, and trends that can help you reach new audiences.

Even a 1 or 2 hashtags can significantly increase the productivity of your content on the social media account.

Twitter’s hashtags attract 2x more audience. Nearly, 40% of Tweets with hashtags get Retweets.
Facebook 1-2 hashtags generate 593 interactions while 3-5 hashtags will bring a downfall to 416 per post.
Google+ has been an active supporter of hashtags from the early stages and it suggests hashtags on its own that can be edited according to your needs.

  • Visual Content for More Engagement

The main ideology behind social media’s conception was to promote visual content. From the early stages of our life, we are told over and over that visual content attracts more attention. The same is the case with the social media; the post with visual content attracts more eyes than the ones with simple text-based posts. For example, a food blogger can attract more audience with the pictures of the food and not the description of the food. Adding pictures, videos, GIFs, and other forms of visual content in your posts and updates will benefit the website.

The stats show that Facebook attracts 39% more audience with image-based posts. Whereas Google+ gets 28% engagements on videos, Animated GIFs receives 39% and 94% engagement on images.

But Twitter has 200% more engagements that include images and videos.

  • Short and Concise Updates

Short updates attract more audience as these are concise (to the point) and deliver the message to the reader in just a snap of a finger. But longer posts face difficulty because people usually have time constraints and they are always in hurry. So pretty much not everyone got the time to read a manuscript instead they prefer the things that are precise.

  • Share-worthy Blog Content

The conversion rates and media engagements have a lot to do with the quality of blog that you produce. If the content that you post is of low quality then all other factors will fail and prove ineffective. Create a blog that is fun to read, have innovative headlines and ideas. To brainstorm new blogging ideas, you can use MyBlogU or even higher freelance bloggers to provide you quality content.

Apart from this, QR Code Generator and SEO Audit Tool can also help in attracting increased engagements and social shares.

  • Identify and Amplify Top Performing Content

Using random and isolated techniques cannot help driving traffic and conversions from social media. For this, you need to identify the best social media management services or the right sources to send your social media traffic. There are certain pages that attract more social engagements on your websites so those pages can be used to amplify for more engagements.

TrenDemon can be integrated with Google Analytical account to analysis that which of the pages can be used to amplify to promote your existing and new blog content.

  • Social Media as a Friendly Website Structure

A good structure has a great impact on the number of shares and followers/ Just like good structured attracts people eyes, similarly good website structure can attract you many followers and a good number of shares. An attractive and user-friendly website with a good structure will encourage visitors to not only follow your content but share it as well.

Enable Twitter Cards: Twitter cards add information about your links, blog posts or products. Also, they increase the engagements on your Tweets.

Use Facebook Open Graph: Adding the Open Graph meta-tags to your blog will enable your pictures to be displayed.

Add Social Media Sharing Widget: AddThis or DiggDigg widgets should be added so that your shares and followers increase.

  • Share Content more than once

Sharing your quality content multiple times will generate strong reactions from the users. Although, it is debatable that whether or not a content should be shared more than once it does have its own pros in the area of building strong social media SEO.

  • Don’t be a Spammer

Too much sharing may cause ignorance from the users. You need to draw a line where things get frustrating instead of interesting. If you begin to share same content after every one hour then people will ignore your posts and your stats will fall.

So it’s better to make a sharing schedule where can pin some of the great stuff that can engage users in an effective way.

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