7 Personal Habits You Need to Quit to Crack NEET PG 2021


Given below are 7 personal habits that a NEET-PG 2021 aspirant must quit in order to crack the exam.

  • Inconsistency:

This is something one must avoid. Inconsistency coupled with procrastination can be disastrous. It is better to keep a check on it before it becomes a permanent habit. While preparing for your NEET-PG exam, make sure that you do not fall into the trap of inconsistency.

Make sure to stick with the schedule that you’ve set and if you do skip a day, then make up for it. Doing this, will not only help you to stay on track but will also give you the boost that you need to consistently carry on your preparation.

  • Multitasking:

Many NEET-PG aspirants have a tendency to fall into the trap of multitasking. The reason why people build a schedule is to not develop the habit of multi-tasking. While preparing for your exam, make sure not to juggle with multiple things at one time.

If you find yourself doing so, then it’s time to quit this habit. Multi-tasking will not only hinder you to focus on one thing but will also have adverse effects on your health. The best thing would be to follow a particular time table and to just focus on the topics mentioned for that day.

The best way to overcome the habit of multi-tasking is to keep your focus on the task for a particular day. It might be difficult for some and easier for others but eventually, you will succeed. All you have to be is focused on the goal which is to achieve an exceptional rank in the NEET-PG 2021 exam.

  • Excessive use of Social media:

The overuse of social media and TV is another bad combination which one must quit. Addiction to social media and television will not only drift you away from your purpose but also have adverse effects on your health.

A NEET-PG 2021 aspirant must quit this habit as it will not only take up all your precious time but will also disillusion you, thus leaving you out of focus. Make proper use of your time for your exam preparation as time management plays a major role in your exam success.

  • Quantity over Quality

The majority of the students make this mistake during their NEET-PG preparation. Many think that studying a lot of topics at a stretch will be beneficial for them but little do they realize that there is a tendency for them to forget those topics.

It would be better to select a few topics and study them well so that one might not forget them. So, quit the habit of choosing quantity over quality. Quality studying is what will remain and will be beneficial for the long run rather than quantity studying which is just superficial.

  • Being depressed due to low scores in Mocks

It is a natural instinct to feel depressed about receiving a bad store but make sure not to make that a habit. Every mock test that you take will give you an overview of your preparation.

Make sure not to lose your optimism on receiving a low score in mock tests. Remember that mock tests are there to help you check your NEET-PG preparation which will thereby enable you to make certain changes in your study pattern.

Mock tests are not your final exam score rather they are just a glimpse of your preparation and you still have room for improvement. So, do not be bogged down by a low score in your mock exams rather take it as another opportunity to improve.

  • Long study hours

Avoid having long study hours without any break time. This habit will leave you drained physically and mentally, thus affecting you emotionally as well. If you find yourself studying for long hours without any space for relaxing then it’s time to quit this habit.

Do not be too hard on yourself! If your brain is oversaturated, it’ll not be able to retain any new things. If you don’t quit, this habit will do you more harm than good. It’s better to follow a proper study schedule which would include break time or relaxation time. This will give your brain room to learn and retain more topics.

  • Negative Thoughts

Let go of the habit of harboring negative thoughts of defeat while your NEET-PG exam preparation. Such thoughts affect your mental and emotional health adversely which will make you overthink the outcome even before its declaration. Do not let the fear of the exam result hinder your exam preparation.

Undoing these seven habits will help you to remain fit physically, mentally, and emotionally thereby helping you to crack the NEET-PG exam with top rank.

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