Improve Your Conversion Rate

3 Mobile UX Basics to Improve Your Conversion Rate

As most store owners are aware, the e-commerce industry has seen mobile conversion card up with, and even supersede other devices. With the improvement of technology, it is increasingly essential that storeowners invest in a seamless mobile and multichannel process for stores. The market has seen several trends in 2019, regarding how retailers approach mobile. […]

4 Minute Presentation

4 Minute Presentation Ideas

A presentation is an amazing way to boost your confidence and present your point of view on certain topics.  However, it is not easy to speak and grab the attention of the audience in an effective way. Especially when you are given a limited time period to prepare for the speech it can be very […]


25 Best 3 Minute Speech Topics

For many people public speaking can be very intimidating however, you can definitely overcome it in so many ways. To do so you must understand how important it is to relate with the audience as at the end of the day audience is who is going to acknowledge your speech. 5-minute presentations are very common […]

2 minutes speech topics

25 Topic Ideas For A 2 Minutes Speech

Many people have to go through the fear of public speaking; therefore, it is very common in high school to conduct 2 minutes speech. It is not only very helpful in improving public speaking skills but also helps in boosting the confidence of the individuals. Not only it creates a great atmosphere in the classroom […]