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30 Best SEO Apps for Android & iPhone – Digital Marketing Apps

Digital marketing is a buzz! Digital marketers more or less dependent upon tools to trade their apps. Implicating correct digital marketing apps manages your time and can generate traffic.

So, we have aligned a set of 30 android and iPhone apps that are great for digital marketing as well SEO.

It doesn’t matter what your digital marketing goal is this list was inclusively made to help you in monitoring, managing and optimizing your digital marketing success.


A functional organizer is the main thing that you need to have because a lot of your work depends on it. Let’s see how?

1. Evernote  it is an amazing mobile app that is designed to design projects and create to-do-list, add visual notes that can help you manage your work in a better way. You can also organize your teamwork by using Work Chat available in the Evernote. It is a user-oriented application which is visually appealing for both Android and iPhone users.

2. Google Keep It is another note taking an application developed by Google. It is a substitute for Evernote. The best part of the app is that it combines other cloud-based productivity apps that Google has to provide.

3. Docs to Go You can use this application to produce, correct and format MS Word docs and MS Excel sheets as well. At the same time, you can use the app to view, correct and show MS PowerPoint presentation.

4. Microsoft OneNote Regardless of Evernote has the highest market share, Microsoft OneNote gives a high competition to it. You can use this app to create a note, manage data and information. It can be used to collect, organize and share digital information. From audios, videos, to snippets you can use this app to store valuable digital data.

5. Microsoft Word Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processor developed by Microsoft. Yes! The app is more pervasive than you thought it to be as there is an app version available. The version embraces the MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint versions available on your fingertips.

6. Dropbox Every business has a number of files of different kinds and size. You can now store these files in the cloud. In addition to that, you can give access to your team and share the files seamlessly. It is just like a folder online where you safe, store, and share your files securely.

7. HipChat Involve your team in different tasks quick and easy with this app. It gives your team an opportunity to communicate easily even when you or not in the same geographical location. Conversate, notify and mention each member through this app.

8. WPS Office It is another alternative to MS. It stands for Writer, Presentation, and Spreadsheet. Right now WPS Office is experiencing tremendous growth in the Asian market. The app is fairly lightweight and serves all the functions of documents.

9. Google Drive It is one of the most widely used applications to store important data and files. You can view and access the files in your drive folders real quick and easy. In addition, you can also find options that will help in to share, move, delete, rename, star and also a download option to view it offline.

Collaboration Apps

These apps can help you make collaboration real quick and easy.

1. Trello Trello is a free application which was originally designed to keep notes. However, the app can also be used to prioritize tasks, manage small teams and tasks. It is a great app to make your work easy and quick.

2. Basecamp – It is an amazing application to manage projects and communicate with the team seamlessly. You can manage files and documents in various folders to make it all easy for the team. Moreover, you can also organize cloud-based files. It is an app that helps you manage teams, documents, folders, and tasks.

3. Slack You can use this app to make your tasks easy whether you are working alone or with a group. It is an app that gives you the perfect opportunity to communicate and collaborate in the most effective way. The app allows you to message search and achieve different teams in different locations.

Social Media Applications

If you are not using social media for your marketing campaigns are you really utilizing digital marketing to the fullest? Check out these apps and start now!

1. Hootsuite It is an application created to improve your social media management, a unified social media dashboard. It supports social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. The app makes it easy to find, schedule, manage and report social media content.

2. TweetCaster It is an amazing app designed to post on Twitter and Facebook at once. You can add multiple twitter accounts, even if you are using iPad. You can also optimize using colors, themes, and various add-ons to improve your Twitter experience.

3. Crowdfire It is a social media management application that helps you in improving your social media presence. You can save so much of time by managing your social media accounts. Moreover, for applications like Instagram and Twitter, it also makes it easier to gain followers.

4. Tweetbot It is a third party application for Twitter to be used on iOS. It helps you in organizing and interacting on Twitter. You can respond, post, reply using this single application.

5. Buffer this application can be used to manage social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram etc. and at the same time observe how the posts are getting a response. You can also schedule your posts for social media accounts and analyze engagements results.

6. Mention You can use this application to monitor social media activities of the brands you are interested in. Keep a check on social media channels like a forum, Twitter, YouTube, blog posts etc.

7. Nimble Nimble is yet another amazing application that helps in managing social media. Connect with people and increase your followers by synchronizing your contacts by Nimble.

8. Facebook Pages Manager You can manage all of your Facebook pages seamlessly using this application. It is an app that makes managing various Facebook pages for admins super easy and on the go.

9. Flow for Instagram Using Instagram from an iPad can be a bit difficult. However, the app like Flow for Instagram makes it all easy for you and solves the difficulty for you. You can browse and use the app effectively without any issue using this application.

Content Creation and Curation

You need to create content to post and share on various platforms. Here are some apps that can help you in creating, curating and sharing content.

1. Feedly You can use this application to read, organize and share content on different sites like WordPress, YouTube, Tumbler etc. The app helps you in organizing blogs, news, and podcasts by accessing them in one place.

2. TED Prepare yourself for a regular TED Talks after installing this app. Find infinite TED Talks from people across the world. Make your own presentations and enjoy.

3. WordPress It is a free content management application. It is an easy to use application. It allows you to manage the content even without internet connection. You can use various themes; you can change the theme of your website without having to change the entire content.

4. Sprout Social It is an app that can help you with content that you can share on your social media accounts. Use the app to share, read and organize news feed.

5. Mashable Want to know about the latest trend? Well, then this is the app for you. The app gives you the latest news and information about the world. Now stay updated about interesting things happening across the world.

6. Pocket Pocket which was earlier known as Read It Later is an application that can be used to manage various articles and pages that you wish to read later. The best thing about the app is that it works without a Wi-Fi connection too.

Apps for Entertainment

The best thing about applications is that you can enjoy and have fun with it. At the same time, you can relax and refresh your mind and utilize your refreshed mind in marketing.

1. Spotify – Listen to music anywhere and anytime with Spotify. Through this app, you can listen to all kinds of music, and also create a playlist of your own. Choose and curate your kind of music with Spotify.

2. Audible Through this app, you can select audiobooks that you wish to take along with you tona trip or wherever you want to. The Amazon purchased original series can be listened to at any time and at any place.

3. White Noise Generator White noise generator is an app that produces sound noises. A unique way to recharge your mind, body and soul. These sounds are pleasing to the mind.

Final Words

It is very clear that you can easily leave an impact on people and engage by making and effective use of these apps.

The possibilities are endless for digital marketers if you stay consistent. So, find the ones that are useful for your business and start now.

Mandeep is the founder, Content Strategist and SEO Expert at Software Updates. He loves to travel and explore historical places. Reach out directly to our company at Expobiz IT Solutions

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