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25 Topic Ideas For A 2 Minutes Speech

Many people have to go through the fear of public speaking; therefore, it is very common in high school to conduct 2 minutes speech. It is not only very helpful in improving public speaking skills but also helps in boosting the confidence of the individuals. Not only it creates a great atmosphere in the classroom but also helps individuals understand their weaknesses in a better way.

Moreover, helping students choose great speech topics can also help them speak better in front of the crowd and help in improving their speaking skills. The best thing to do is to practice in the school as it helps in improving many things. The topics can be about anything from current affairs or anything that is interesting. The main thing is to be relevant enough in order to be persuasive for the audience. When you know that the audience is enjoying your speech it not only helps in creating a great atmosphere but also boosts your confidence. It is important to pick a topic that is interesting but also make sure to choose a topic that is not very difficult as you have a limited time frame.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a persuasive speech topic. However, if you have limited preparation time then it is always best to stick to a topic that you are familiar with as it would need less time for the preparation. It will help in preparing better and you would not have to do much research on it. Make sure that the topic you choose is fun, engaging and trending as it will help in speaking confidently and comfortably. Because most people have a fear of speaking in front of the public it is very important to choose a topic that is easy and has enough subject to talk about.

There are different types of speeches so choosing the best topics also depends on what type of speech you are intending to give. Many times you will be given some kind of impromptu speech topics so it is important to be confident to deliver your best. If you have to speak for two minutes then the best thing is to pick a topic for speech that persuades a majority of people. Mostly it is best to pick controversial and trending topics as they are more likely to stir the audience. The other thing you can do is allow the speaker to choose a topic themselves which could be something personal. Personal topics are engaging and more relatable with the audience so people gain more interest in listening. However, as the time is limited you shall not waste time and straight outcome to the point and at last wrap up the speech with a substantial closure. Many students have to go through common problems so it is good to speak on such topics also as they are more relatable.

Skills that can help in improving impromptu speeches

Many times people feel caught up between their fears and skills. No matter how amazing skills you have but if you have got fear of speaking in front of the public then it is of no use. You need to improve and boost your confidence to deliver a top class speech. Once you have gained confidence the other step is to improve your skills. These two play an important role in delivering great speeches in front of the public. But, there are a number of ways that can help in improving skills for public speaking and delivering a persuasive speech.

Here are some of the factors that you need to improve for delivering the best.

  • Relax and take a deep breath
    The first thing that people mostly go wrong with is that they do not think before an impromptu speech and straight out start speaking. In most cases, 5 minutes presentation is something you will have to prepare so you need to deliver your thoughts in the best way. Relax and calm down this will help you in gaining confidence and get better control.
  • Figure out the pivotal points
    So, this is the time when you need to figure out what points you have to speak to deliver the best. You need to have clarity about the points you are going to speak on. It will help in delivering the best.
  • Put yourself in the position
    Another reason people tend to fail in delivering a great peach especially impromptu speech is that they try to avoid the situation. Try to be confident and make sure to communicate your message.

Once you are completely prepared for the speech you need to start choosing a topic. Along with speaking skills, great speech topic also plays an important role in delivering the best speech. Even if you have less preparation time choosing a good speech topic can be a savior. So, here are some of the speech topic options that are super catchy and engaging.

2 Minutes Speech Topics List 

  1. How adopting a pet can help you in being a better person?
  2. Why staying active is important in life?
  3. How lifestyle change plays a key role in staying fit?
  4. How to choose a great career?
  5. How to manage family and work life?
  6. Why is it important to have a family vacation?
  7. How to boost your child to eat healthy food?
  8. A proper balance between family and college life is important.
  9. When you start retirement planning?
  10. How to start saving for your child’s education?
  11. Should you apply for a mortgage?
  12. How can you improve credit card score?
  13. Why you should rent a condo?
  14. Sings that tell you need a new job.
  15. 10 Countries to visit at least once in a lifetime.
  16. Things that can help you in gaining confidence.
  17. Vegan: Is it really a great choice?
  18. How backyard gardening can cheer you up?
  19. 10 beneficial superfoods for great health
  20. Why you should never skip breakfast?
  21. Gluten-free food: Is it good enough?
  22. How yoga can help you with anxiety?
  23. Exercise that can help you burn more calories.
  24. Tips that can help in getting rid of smartphone addiction.
  25. iOS vs. Android: Which one is better?

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